Bigger AGB panel


AGB Polska is expanding its panel and the number of channels monitored while introducing combined data research.
Since January 2003 national panel of AGB Poland grew to 1650 households. Until now 1250 households were used for research purposes. This panel is fully representative for the entire country. „Guaranteed daily input now reaches 1500 households” – said Edyta Łyszkowska, communications manager AGB Polska.

Nothing except benefits. The structure of AGB panel is based on the most recent data of the Polish Main Statistical Office (GUS) found in the study „Forecasts of Polish households for the years 1999-2030 divided by provinces” (issued by GUS Population Study Department, Warsaw, 2000) and Establishment Survey 2002. According to these results cable TV penetration of Polish households now stands at 43.5% with satellite TV at 14.4%.
„Expansion of the national panel brings several key benefits. Increasing the size of target groups produces more precise data. We also have the ability to create updated target groups. Larger panel guarantees greater accuracy of the results of audience measurement data” - says Edyta Łyszkowska. According to Tomasz Kolanowski, research manager of AGB Polska, following the expansion Polish AGB panel is now one of the very best in Europe. „Out goal is to create a single, universal environment, i.e. a single panel instead of several specialized panels, making the work of our customers and ourselves that much easier” – adds Kolanowski. He also emphasizes the fact that expanded panel makes it possible to calculate accurate GRP for cable and satellite stations, which are becoming increasingly more important in media plans. Increasing size of the panel is associated with additional expenses for AGB, related to connection of new households. Consequently, it also leads to an adjustment of our services provided to the customers. However, it is difficult to estimate the scope of these adjustments because prices are negotiated individually with each customer” – says Edyta Łyszkowska. Planned creation of a single panel is the sign of gradual closure of cable/satellite and Warsaw panels.

New channels, new links. Since January 2003 AGB Polska begun monitoring new TV channels. Eurosport has appeared in the national TeleMonitor package. TeleSpot now includes two new stations – Discovery and Animal Planet (Animal Planet is available in TeleMonitor since November of last year).

Meanwhile, AGB has dropped programming and spot monitoring of TV Puls and Tele 5. According to unofficial rumors circulating on the market that is due to heavy debt load of both stations and failure to make timely payments. TGR study created on the basis of combined telemetric data offered by AGB Polska and Target Group Index of SMG/KRC, a Millward Brown Company is also available since January. „Our observations indicate considerable demand for that kind of surveys on the Polish market. Now it will be possible to define which TV stations are popular with consumers using specific product categories” – says Kolanowski. Also available since December 2002 is another survey created as a result of combined research of AGB Polska and Gfk Polonia, called Constam, which generates data similar to TGR and is addressed to customers using surveys of Gfk Polonia. „Combining measurement data allows us for example to optimize advertising campaigns and conduct post-buy analysis. Polish market has been waiting for that for a long time” – says Kolanowski.

Piotr Machul Media i Marketing Polska no. 2/2003